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From: Mutant Dude <WHR@ECL.PSU.Edu>
Subject: Hopzzzzzz
Date: 1990-03-29 13:54:00 GMT

>Some guy rumored to live in Oregon recently said:

>>Last time, I mentioned Papazain's comments about hops and dreaming. For a
>>long time, I've suspected that there are ingredients in hops that account
>>for part of the feeling of "well being" that comes from drinking home brew.

> Anyway, there
>I was, standing over this pot that was boiling like mad with volatile hop
>compounds flying around. About an hour after pitching the yeast I
>noticed I was feeling sleepy. Very sleepy. In fact I felt half-paralyzed.
>There was no "well being" involved - just a very heavy sleepiness. I spent the
>evening sprawled out. My wife got a slight case of the same effect (second
>hand steam?) and I resolved to spend less time near the boil in the future.

>- --Pete (had my last name a long time - no jokes please) Soper

Finally, a discussion that I may be able to contribute. It turns out that hops
are frequently used in herbal medicine, among other things, to induce sleep. I
have not read Papazian's comments, but there is some lore about the dreams of
those who sleep upon a pillow stuffed with hops. As you have witnessed, its
effect it reputed to be fairly powerful.

- ---- Wade Reeser "Beer me till I can't stand up"

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