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From: Enders <>
Subject: Trappist Ale Yeast
Date: 1990-04-01 17:29:56 GMT

Is there a source for Trappist ale yeast other than culturing the dregs
from a bottle? You'd think Wyeast or MeV would have one, but if they do,
they aren't bragging about it. This probably wouldn't be a problem if Chimay
were available everywhere (which it isn't :^).

Also, is there a definative list of yeast strains available? I've heard
that Wyeast, for example, has 16 or so strains available, but each supplier
stocks the strains it wants, and not necessarily the full line. Any ideas?

Todd Enders ARPA:
Computer Center UUCP: ...!uunet!!enders
Minot State University Bitnet: enders@plains
Minot, ND 58701

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