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From: Jay S. Hersh <>
Subject: Lots O Barley Wine
Date: 1990-04-02 14:25:22 GMT

In regards to the assertion that Old Peculier is the closest thing to
Barley Wine available in America. Where do you live?? This is certainly
not true to those of us in moderate size cities or larger.
1) Old Nick's (brewed by Youngs?? I believe) is a classic example of
a barley wine and is widely available.
2) Bigfoot by Sierra Nevada is also a "Barley Wine Style Ale" and is
available in larger markets.

Old Peculier is a fine product (one of my fav's). Other good old/strong
Ales are George Gale &co. product right off the top of my head. I'll
need to go home and do some more research but I know there are 2 or 3
others in this class. I also seem to remember one or two more
commercial barley wine examples. Pick up a copy of Michael Jackson's
pocket guide to beer, perhaps he has an index entry on Barley Wines.

I'm sure chuck cox (if he's truly fastest) will chime in here...

- Jay H.
- .signature I don't need no stinkin .signature

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