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From: Stuart Crawford <>
Subject: hydrogen sulphide odor
Date: 1990-04-02 19:16:30 GMT

I just finished making my tenth batch of beer and, for the first time, I detect
a strong rotten egg (hydrogen sulphide?) odor coming through the airlock on my
primary. Papazian suggests that this phenomenon is a characteristic of some
strains of yeast and that, if it occurs, you should "change your yeast". I'm
using Wyeast "American Ale" yeast for the first time... has anyone had similar
experiences with this yeast?

What will the impact be on the finished product? The idea of belching out
great mouthfuls of hydrogen sulphide seems anti-social in the extreme!

A few extra details...

1. There are two pounds of honey in the wort (also a first)
2. I made 16oz of yeast starter instead of just using the amount
provided by Wyeast

Bottom line: is this batch a loss?



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