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From: (Eric Pepke)
Subject: Wort cooler
Date: 1990-04-02 20:53:22 GMT

I made a wort cooler this weekend using 25 feet of 3/8" flexible copper tubing
and a faucet to 3/8" adaptor meant to connect to snap-on tubing. Total cost
was about $15.

I uncoiled the tubing a little and bent and extended both ends up to where the
sink was. Then I took apart the adaptor and put the end of the tube in the
hole. Then I flared the end of the tube slightly by reaming it with a pair of
long-nosed pliers that when closed had just the right conical shape. When the
adaptor was reassembled, it could be screwed on to the fauces and then the
tubing pulled slightly to make a seal. There was some leakage, but not enough
to matter.

It worked marvelously.

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