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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: Jump-start that yeast!
Date: 1990-04-02 21:00:52 GMT

I think I've finally come up with the right combination of factors to
get the yeast off to a fast start. I pitched a batch last night and
four hours later I had a good active fermentation going. I believe
that the combination of aerating the wort well, rehydrating the yeast
(Muntona) in 100F water, letting the temperatures of the wort & yeast
equilibrate before pitching, mixing the yeast into the wort well, and
maintaining the wort temperature at about 70F all contributed to the
happy start-up. It used to be that I had to wait 12 hours or so to see
fermentation start.

This was a fairly simple recipe: 8# American 6-row and 1.5# 90L
crystal with 12 AAU of Nugget & Cluster hops.

Question for the group: is a four-hour start-up time average, good,
unheard of, or what...

- --Doug

Douglas Roberts |
Los Alamos National Laboratory |I can resist anything
Box 1663, MS F-609 | except temptation.
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