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From: Steve Lamont <>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #390 (April 03, 1990)
Date: 1990-04-03 12:04:06 GMT

In Homebrew Digest #390 (April 03, 1990) Stuart Crawford <> sez:
> Subject: hydrogen sulphide odor

> ... I detect
> a strong rotten egg (hydrogen sulphide?) odor coming through the airlock on my
> primary. ...
> A few extra details...

> 1. There are two pounds of honey in the wort (also a first)
> 2. I made 16oz of yeast starter instead of just using the amount
> provided by Wyeast

> Bottom line: is this batch a loss?

Am I wrong in assuming that this is the yeast reacting with the honey? In
_Brewing Mead_ by Robert Gayre with Charlie Papazian, he mentions in passing
that meads give off sulphur dioxide gas in the early stages of fermentation.
This stuff, while it doesn't smell of hydrogen sulphide, is pretty strong.
Maybe this is what you smell.

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