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Subject: RE: Jump-start that yeast!
Date: 1990-04-03 17:45:00 GMT



I'll briefly like to describe my experience with slow yeast respiratory
cycles. I brewed a batch of beer with an OG 1.056. I used Whitbread
Lager Yeast. I pitched at a temp of 24deg C and then placed my primary in
a room with a temp of 12deg C. It took at least TWO days for fermentation
to begin. So, the plan was: boil for one hour 30 mL Malt Extract and 5 hop
pellets in 500 mL water. Strain out hops. Cool to 24deg C. Pitch yeast and
leave at 24deg C for 24 hours. Reduce temp to 12deg C. With this process
the same yeast started fermenting in 24 hour (all of this obviously with an
air lock). I left it at this temp for 2 days. When making my next batch of
beer, I pitched this starter at 24deg C and left my primary at this temp for
24 hours. I had fermentation in 4 HOURS! And by the next day fermentation
was at a maximum rate. This is now my set procedure for Jump-starting yeast.


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