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From: Mark Freeman <MFreeman@VERMITHRAX.SCH.Symbolics.COM>
Subject: RE: Filtering hops pellets
Date: 1990-04-03 16:58:00 GMT

I am a happy new homebrewer. Of course that means I have questions.
The beers I have made to date call for hop pellets. I was wondering if
I need to try to filter the wort after boiling to try to remove what I
can of the hop pellets. I have filtered the wort through cheesecloth as
I put it into the fermenter. It stops alot of stuff, but much gets
through. I guess that approximately 50% of the hop pellets get through
into the fermenter. Again, should I even be trying to remove the hop
pellets? And if so, am I removing enough?

Thank you for your support (in advance).

- --albert smith

What I do is wrap the pellets (or hops buds if that's what I'm
using) in cheesecloth and tie it shut with a string to make a
large hops "teabag". I make sure to leave lots of room for the
pellets to expand (about 2'x2' piece for each bag). When I tie
the string, I leave a long loose end that dangles outside the
pot so that I can easily grab it and lift the bag out at the end
of the boil. Then I hold the bag over the boil and squeeze any
liquid out with a pair of tongs to increase the utilization.
The spent hops are then easily disposed of. I like this method
better than straining after the boil because it's easier, more
effective and I'm concerned about contamination from the
cheesecloth used for straining.

By the way, it seems that I get better utilization with pellets
than with buds of the same alpha %. Can anyone confirm this?

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