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From: "David_Ingalls.WBST129"@Xerox.COM
Subject: Pellets compared to Leaf Hops
Date: 1990-04-02 20:57:14 GMT

I brewed up a batch of pale ale a few weeks back. The recipe came from an
1986 issue of Zymurgy. The recipe was for 5 gallons and had 6.6 lbs light
malt extract.

It specified:
1 oz. Northern Brewer hops for first 30 minutes of boil
1 oz. Cascade hops for second 30 minutes of boil
1 oz. Cascade hops for final 30 minutes of boil
1/4 oz. Cascade for dry hopping

I didn't bother with the 1/4 oz. dry hopping.

It's now been in the bottle for a week and I've tasted it. The resulting
beer is very bitter. It isn't so bitter that it's undrinkable but you
probably wouldn't want it to be any more bitter.

Maybe the beer is supposed to be this bitter. Anyway ...

My question has to do with pelletized hops vs leaf hops. I used hop
pellets ounce for ounce in the recipe. Was this a mistake? Is there some
known relation that say's that I should have used less of the pelletized
hops? Perhaps the recipe was for leaf hops and this would account for a
difference. Is that true? Can anybody suggest guidelines concerning this?

Also - is an hour and a half of boiling too much boiling?


- David

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