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Subject: Harmful Bacteria in Honey
Date: 1990-04-04 16:25:36 GMT writes:

>It is my understanding that honey can contain a bacteria which has been known
>to be fatal to children under the age of two years.

I think the bacteria is botulinum. As I understand it (remember, I'm a
programmer, not a biologist), in small children, botulinum is pathogenic. The
other nasty thing this beasty does is secrete botulin, which is toxic to folks
of all ages. This is the good ole botulism which one can get from poorly
canned food. According to my pediatrician, it's ok to give honey to children
over 1 year of age (but check with YOUR doctor, don't take my word).

. .Will

Will Allen
HP Vancouver Division or ...!hplabs!hpvcfs1!willa or Will Allen/HP5400/PE

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