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From: David Lim <limd@boulder.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: *BIG* Blow-off
Date: 1990-04-04 17:12:50 GMT

My most recent batch of beer is now in its second day of fermentation.
I wasn't around last night to watch this happen, but almost a *GALLON*
of beer was expelled through the blow-off tube atop my 5-gallon carboy.
The initial fermentation (up to high-krausen) was extremely vigorous.

I'm not bummed out about losing that much brew, but now there's a large
air (right now it's only C02) space in the top of my carboy. Is this a
problem? Has anyone experimented with carefully topping off the fermenter
with some boiled wort or water (boiled so that oxygen and nasties are
driven off?) How about topping it off when I rack it to a 2nd carboy?
I've thought about dropping a bunch of glass marbles in to take up the
extra volume... Any advice is welcome.

Since this was my 1st time using a carboy/blow-off tube combination as a
primary fermentation vessel, is this amount of loss normal? This was also
my first time with a Wyeast liquid yeast (German Ale, starter solution).
My guess it was a combination of a very healthy yeast culture combined
with a fairly "rich" wort (porter-ish) that caused all this excitement. If I
can expect to lose this amount in general, I'd like to hear from you folks
with experience in this system. What do you folks do?

Yours brewly,

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