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From: hisata!
Subject: Honey Killers!
Date: 1990-04-04 17:39:06 GMT

Florian the healthy is absolutely right about bacteria in honey that did
in some kids. It seems like that was recently--the last 5 or 10 years--
and so postdates the text I was using. Science moves on!

I don't recall any of the particulars of the contaminated honey--the
source or any previous processing. Commercial honey is frequently
heated (gently) to prevent fermentation and drive off excess moisture
that would encourage it to granulize. This would diminish or destroy its
antibacterial properties. I don't know if honey as it comes
from the comb might not still be antibacterial. Still, don't take
any chances with babies.

BTW, some of my honey extracting equipment does double duty in
my brewing. One nice gadget is a strainer I use for filtering my honey.
It's about 8 1/2" in diameter at the top. There is a removable, flat-
bottomed coarse strainer in the top, then the bottom is hemispherical
and VERY fine. It has expandable wire arms that fit nicely over my
honey bucket--but are worthless with a carboy. It's great to use in
filtering grains and hops. When the top strainer gets full, I can dump
it, and the bottom strainer catches all the fine particles and even some
trub. Very heavy duty, and expensive (about $25). Available from Brushy
Mountain Bee Farm in Monrovia, NC. Send me mail if anyone wants the

Doug the contaminated

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