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From: Robert Bjornson <bjornson-robert@YALE.ARPA>
Subject: Extract Pilsner, or What to do when 4 is to little, 8 too much?
Date: 1989-01-24 16:43:09 GMT

I'm a fairly new brewer (on my seventh batch or so). I'm getting
ready to try my hand at a Pilsner while the weather is still cold
here. I have two cans of Edme Pilsner style malt extract, and would
like some advice. Clearly, one can (4LB) alone is not enough. The cans
have directions specifying 2.5 LB corn sugar, but I have a preference
for beer with more oompf than that's likely to give me. I'm wondering
if I should just use both cans. That would give my a SG of maybe
1.065, which is much higher than any pilsner SG in any of my books (in
fact, it's about dopplebock strength!) I *could* use 3LB or so of
light dry malt, but I don't have any. The other idea I had was to
brew the beer at 1.065, but then when I bottled, add extra boiled and
cooled water, maybe a gallon or so, to bring it down a bit. I also
wondered if anyone had any experience freezing malt extract -- that
way, I could use 1.5 cans, and freeze the rest for another time.

This problem seems to come up a lot when I brew with the larger cans
of extract. Two 3LB cans work great, but the 4 or 4.4LB cans are a pain.

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