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From: c9a-aa@dorothy.Berkeley.EDU (Todd Matson)
Subject: unknown
Date: 1990-04-05 17:21:10 GMT

I submitted this file a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think it was
ever posted. I have talked to some large brewers, and they have been
responsive, but I am having trouble getting feedback from home
brewers. If you can not post it for some reason, please send me a note.

Subject: Digital Hydrometer

Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a small, inexpensive sensor that
can measure the density of a liquid. I have learned that such a device
would be useful for home brewers to measure the specific gravity of a
fermenting wort or must. If home brewers are responsive, my group would
consider producing a digital density sensor and marketing it through home
brew shops and clubs.

The hydrometer will consist of a small box with a digital display that
contains the necessary electronics. A switch will select the active sensor
(the hydrometer will accept input from as many as four sensors). Each sensor
will be the size of a toothpaste cap and will be attached to one end of a
six foot wire (the other end of the wire will plug into the box). The wire
will be inserted into the carboy through the stopper. The sensor will remain
in the brew throughout fermentation and the display will be updated
continuously. Thus, measuring the density will be convenient and will
introduce no risk of infection. We anticipate that the hydrometer will be
sold with one sensor, and that additional sensors will be sold separately.

I would like some feedback: Are people interested in a digital hydrometer?
If so, please give me an idea of what you would pay for such a device. If I
get a good response from home brewers, my colleagues and I will certainly
proceed with the project.

Todd Matson /

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