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Subject: honey aroma and SOME wierd barley wine
Date: 1990-04-06 00:45:39 GMT

In #392, Louis Clark says,

>The reading I've done on making mead indicates that is, indeed, something to
>lose by boiling honey. There are some light, aromatic compounds that are
>easily driven off by boiling. What these sources recommend is pasteurization,

Yes, I agree. Forgot all about those aromatics. They are what give different
honeys their characteristic flavors (I believe), like blackberry flowers,
for example.

Now here's a good one for the experts. My recent batch of barley wine
(og=1.090), fermented with Wyeast's champagne yeast, is almost due to
bottle, having terminated at 1.030. I followed the sg closely on this one,
checking about once per two weeks fo fermentation. It's been going for about
four months in the carboy (secondary). Under nearly constant temperature
conditions (Delta T = 5 degrees at most), the sg dropped to 1.025, then
climbed gradually up to 1.030 where it is holding constant at present. Can]
anyone speculate on how sg can dip and then climb up again under these
conditions? Can water evaporate out of an air-locked carboy?

Florian the puzzled, but relaxed.

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