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From: (Ihor W. Slabicky)
Subject: hese are drugs too ! ?
Date: 1990-04-06 14:34:46 GMT

Date: Thu, 5 Apr 90 12:15 EST
Subject: Charlie's Flames

The Reasonable Majority
Homedrug Making and the Berlin Wall

Charlie Papazian

In Michigan a child came
home with a worksheet. Question number three instructed:
"Circle the following pictures that are drugs." There were
several pictures including a hypodermic needle, a pile of
powder, pills, milk and a bottle of beer. He got that question
wrong because he failed to circle the bottle of beer.

IMHO, the test was incomplete - it did not show a cup of coffee,
cigarettes, wine, tea, cola sodas, and other drugs. Maybe our
children should be taught to recognise ALL drugs.
Ted Kennedy recently introduced an amendment to the Drug-Free
Schools and Communities Act, making reference to alcoholic
beverages as a "gateway drug."

I wonder how many times the Honorable Senator from the Commonwealth
has himself crossed through that "gateway"?

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