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From: (a.e.mossberg)
Subject: Re: Charlie's Flames
Date: 1990-04-08 03:06:12 GMT

>From Charlie Papazian's article, as submitted by <>:

>wrong because he failed to circle the bottle of beer. Sen.
>Ted Kennedy recently introduced an amendment to the Drug-Free
>Schools and Communities Act, making reference to alcoholic
>beverages as a "gateway drug." Children are being taught that
>beer can lead to cocaine and crack. So now we may be
>considered homedrug makers. In a contemplative mood, I

- --"Marijuana is an evil drug and it leads to heroin abuse"

- --"Say what?"

- --"Marijuana is addictive and evil."

- --"It's less addictive and causes fewer problems than cigarettes
or alcohol!"

- --"Hmmm.."

Perhaps attempts at marijuana legalization have come back to instead
make alcohol and cigarettes less accepted. Drug use, and alcohol
is a drug, has been around since before written history. What needs
to be done is to encourage responsible drug use, and drug use in
moderation. Instead, the pendulum swings against acceptance of any
drug use, excepting of course what the medical community says we must
have. :-) Freedom! Stop the new prohibitionists before it's too late!
No innocuous drug should be illegal. Making *any* innocuous drug illegal
makes it inevitable that other innocuous drugs will be made illegal.

Charlie talks about sharing a beer with a friend, this being a part
of the culture. The amount that the beverage industry contributes
to the American economy, etc. These are beside the point. If drugs
like tobacco, marijuna, peyote, etc are illegal, why should alcohol
be legal? It's hypocritical to arbitrarily make any commonly used
innocuous drug illegal and leave others legal. You can't look at
alcohol use in a vacuum, so to write, but you must look at the way this
culture views drug use in general. End of ramblings.


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