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Subject: stuck fermentation
Date: 1990-04-09 15:53:48 GMT

I've been a luckly beginner with my first 10 batches of homebrew
using extract kits. I am on my 11th and decided to "advance" by
using a recipe in ZYMURGY in Colonel John's column "The Best From Kits."
For the first time I used 2 cups of crystal barley, irish moss, no
corn sugar, pre-boiled all water, and rehydrated the yeast before
adding it to the cooled wort. And for the first time :-( the
fermentation was very slow. After 10 days the specific gravity dropped
to 1.020 and then nothing!

The latest "Dear Professor" column in ZYMURGY has a letter titled
"Stuck Amock a Brew" in which the writer mentions using amylase enzyme
powder. Is this something I should consider? Are there other alternatives?
Is this batch destine for the garden compost?

Dave McElroy
East Hampton, CT.
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David P. McElroy
Computing Center Bitnet: DMCELROY@WESLEYAN
Wesleyan University Internet:
Middletown,CT 06457 Telephone: 203-347-9411 ext 3172
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