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From: Marty Albini <>
Subject: he smell of wisteria and dry yeast for wheat beer
Date: 1990-04-09 15:25:33 GMT

As I roved out this mornin' fair, past the wisteria vine
at the gate, a thought which occurs to me every year about this
time occurred to me: "I wish there was something that tasted like
wisteria smells."

Heck, I'd settle for making some beer that smelled like
wisteria. Has anybody tried this? Does anybody know the
toxicity/allergenic properties of wisteria? If the stuff won't
kill me, I'm gonna give it a try.

One further note: I recently stumbled across a can of
Ireks wheat extract, reduced in price because the can had
swelled. Not being able to resist a bargain, I now plan to make
my first wheat beer. What kind of yeast should I use?

I know various liquid wheat beer yeasts are available,
but for a variety of reasons (you have to start 'em way in
advance, and my schedule is too unpredictable, for one) dry
yeast would be a lot more convenient. The can says the
ingredients are "wheat and water," so a yeast that's spent its
whole career munching malt might gag on it. My goal would be
something like Schell, but higher gravity.

About the swelled can: everybody calm down. Botulism
(I'm told) can't grow at the pH of extract. The shop that sold
it to me says they make all their brew from cans that swell on
their shelf, and they haven't died yet.

Any tips on the above will be appreciated. At very least,
I'll drink a toast to you.
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