From the HBD Archive
From: abvax!!bwc@cwjcc.INS.CWRU.Edu (Barry Cunningham)
Subject: RE: stuck fermentation
Date: 1990-04-10 12:35:30 GMT

In HBD #395 David P. McElroy writes

> For the first time I used 2 cups of crystal barley, irish moss, no
> corn sugar, pre-boiled all water, and rehydrated the yeast before
> adding it to the cooled wort. And for the first time :-( the
> fermentation was very slow. After 10 days the specific gravity dropped
> to 1.020 and then nothing!

Sounds good to me! When you go to malt recipes you'll find you'll end up
with a higher gravity at the end because it has more good stuff in it!
Bottle it up and send it to me I say!

-- Barry Cunningham

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