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From: (John Mellby)
Subject: More Subite Cassis
Date: 1990-04-10 14:23:55 GMT

One of the beers which I cannot get in Texas is the Mort Subite Cassis lambic.
Lambics are, of course, fermented with wild yeast, and the cassis is
black-currant flavored. I was considering the problems in making this
beer at home, and wondered if anyone had any suggestions.

1. Malt - I'm told fruit beers are typically made with a lot of wheat malt.
I haven't had any experient with wheat. Is there any extract people would

2. Yeast - what in the world yeast do you replace the wild Belgian yeast with?

3. Black-currants. What are these, where do you get them? I have used
frozen raspberries or blackberries, but I haven't seen these in the
grocery. The local homebrew store doesn't list any black-currant juice
for making wine, but they do have cassis (black-currant) flavoring for
making liquors with. Any idea what this flavoring would do to beer?

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