From the HBD Archive
From: (Donald P Perley)
Subject: yeast for wheat beer
Date: 1990-04-10 21:09:41 GMT

> I know various liquid wheat beer yeasts are available,
>but for a variety of reasons (you have to start 'em way in
>advance, and my schedule is too unpredictable, for one) dry
>yeast would be a lot more convenient. The can says the
>ingredients are "wheat and water," so a yeast that's spent its
>whole career munching malt might gag on it. My goal would be
>something like Schell, but higher gravity.

I had good luck using Edme. I am not familiar with Schell, but I
don't think anyone uses 100% wheat in wheat beer. Depending on the
style, you should use 30-70% wheat. I used 5 lbs pale and 2.5 lbs
wheat (grain malt) and ended up with something similar to Spaten.

If Schell is one of the sour type wheat beers, you could try culturing
off the sediment and pitch the result in when you rack the beer.

-don perley

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