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From: reacy@Sun.COM (John Treacy)
Subject: amylase enzyme powder
Date: 1990-04-12 04:21:30 GMT

Has anyone had any experience with a powdered product
labled "Amylase Enzyme" ? I've always managed to get my amylase
in the old fashioned way, I carry it in on my malt. But recently
I had what appeared to be a hopelessly stuck fermentation. I had
tried everything I knew of to get the yeasties back to work and
still I had heavy sweet beer. I was ready to drain the mess when
my local supplier suggested that perhaps the sugar in the carboy
was not the yeast's favorite brand. So we decided to try some
amylase powder to break down the sugars and sure enough the yeast
woke up and are feeding madly ... like nothing I've ever seen !
Which brings me to my question(s) ... Has anyone here ever used this
stuff ? What can I expect from this brew ?
Is there such a thing as too much sugar breakdown ?


PS. The product is from a company called "Crosby & Baker" in
Westport MA.

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