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From: "JEFF CASEY / (617)253-0885" <CASEY@NERUS.PFC.MIT.EDU>
Subject: Re: too sweet
Date: 1990-04-12 12:46:00 GMT

Bill Pemberton says:
>>It seems (to me at least) that most of the brews I have made have been a
>>touch too sweet for my liking. .... I have used several different yeasts...

I have noticed the same thing. One real problem I found is that crystal
malt smells and tastes so good (while brewing) that it is a real test of your
self control and determination to add in only the required amount and no
more. One of my best red bitters had none of my "trademark" sweetness,
although I'd used the recipe before -- when I checked my notes, I had run
out of crystal, and had only been able to add in what was necessary, not
tip in a little more "for grins".
Also, if you are an extract brewer, stick to the pale extracts and modify
them with your own specialty grains for darker brews. The amber and dark
extracts often have other sugars or caramel added, which really sicken the
taste (in my opinion). M&F amber for example is much worse than M&F pale
with some crystal and roast barley added.
Yeasts: if you are using an unattenuative yeast, there will be more
unfermentables left over, and the brew will be sweeter. Most of the dry
ale yeasts (including Whitbread I believe) are fairly attenuative, so this
shouldn't be a problem. See the yeast issue of Zymurgy (last fall) for
many details, and relax etc...

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