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From: (John DeCarlo)
Subject: Liquid yeast
Date: 1990-04-12 15:43:48 GMT

>From: bnrgate!bnr-rsc! (Bill Crick)
>... I then tossed the puffed pouch in the fridge to save it
>for use in another batch the next weekend.
>The instructions said that if you stored the activated yeast in a
>fridge for any period, it should be put in a starter before pitching.
>Does anyone know if the 90-100F water was what killed it, or is the idea of
>storing it in the fridge after it starts to puff up is invalid?

The pouch puffs up as a result of the CO2 that the yeasts produce when feeding
on the malt in the pouch. I would suspect that the puffed-up pouch is a
very good environment for killing the little yeasties.

I think the Wyeast packages also recommend making a starter if you wait
very long after the pouch puffs up before you use it. I take this to
mean that you should use the pouch within hours of when it puffs out,
either to make a starter, culture it somehow, or pour it in the beer.

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