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From: "William F. Pemberton" <>
Subject: More on Sweet Beer
Date: 1990-04-12 22:31:49 GMT

Several people have written me in regard to my problem with too
sweet beer. I didn't post any recipes, but one reason is that
I have used several different ones, but here is a typical

0.5 lb. Crystal Malt
1 can Unhoped Amber Extract
1 can Unhoped Light Extract
1.5 oz Northern Brewer's Hops (for boil)
0.25 oz Cascade Hops (for finish)
Whitbread Ale Yeast

This produced a wonderful beer, except that it was just too sweet for
my likings. I shouldn't complain too much, all my friends thought
it was great!

The two brands of extract that I use are John Bull and Munton &
Fison. I would try others, but those are all that can be obtained
in this town!

I've tried several variations off of this, and all have worked
well, but still too sweet (for me). Several people on the net
(thanks to all) suggested cutting back on the Crystal Malt. I must
admit that is about the only constant in my beers, I always use
right around half a pound. I think I will try a version with that

My current mutation of the above recipe uses a lager yeast instead
of an ale yeast (making a steam beer). I had hoped that the yeast
was the culprit and the use of a lager yeast would do the trick.

Thanks again!

|Bill Pemberton -OR- |
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