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From: "david_f._nevin.Wbst300"@Xerox.COM
Subject: Legality of home brewing
Date: 1990-04-13 00:49:25 GMT

Don Wegeng has a good point about not discussing the legalization of drugs
in this forum; after all, Big Brother is undoubtedly listening and some of
us could get into trouble for not being sufficiently negative on the

But, how about the legality of home brewing? If it weren't for the fact
that "cooler heads prevailed" on the 18th Constitutional Amendment our
hobby could put us in prison for 20 years.

In our government's overly-zealous, politically-motivated war against it's
citizens (the drug war) many personal freedoms are being lost. So, the
next time you set out to brew a batch, bear in mind that there is a
movement 'out there' to label us as bad people.

I believe there will again come a time when we will have to defend our
right to drink beer. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

- Dave -

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