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From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: Yeast
Date: 1990-04-14 04:22:30 GMT

>From: Enders <>
>Subject: Yeast reuse and Wonderful smelling fermentation
> Probably the simplest way to reuse a liquid yeast culture is to culture
>the dregs from a bottle of homebrew made with the desired variety. Of course,
>if your batch goes bad (God forbid!!) you're out of luck.

I have to protest. Culturing the dregs from a bottle of beer can be
quite risky and is a hassle to do properly. The name of the game is to minimize
the number of doublings of cells that the yeast have to undergo to get the cell
concentration up. Prior to getting the concentration up is when infection can
strike. If infection organisms have the chance to multiply in a medium with
relatively few yeast cells they will get a foothold, while in a situation where
there are literally millions of hungry yeast cells per milliliter they have a
much harder time. Pictures of brewers sticking their bare hands in actively
fermenting wort provide a graphic example of this principle.
Because of this, to maintain the proper cell concentration along the way as a
culture is made from bottle dregs, you need to go through multiple starters of
increasing size. Even if this and the need for *sterile* procedures
is ignored and the dregs are just poured into a single starter this could
not be as simple as repitching.
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