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From: Crawford.WBST129@Xerox.COM
Subject: Re: Yeast, Cultures
Date: 1990-04-16 12:45:57 GMT

Glenn Colon-Bonet writes about culturing from a petri dish:

> Attach fermentation lock and when small starter becomes active (2 days),
> transfer to a larger starter (16-24 oz). When the large starter is
> (1-2 more days) its ready to make beer!

I have recently started doing this with some success. My problem is that
when I add the small starter to the larger starter I still get a lag time
of over 24 hours. I have found that I need to use a third even larger
starter (32 oz) to get my lag time down to about 18 hours. Can you give me
any pointers Glenn? How much malt do you use in your 2-4 oz of wort? Do
you yeast nutrient?

The big advantage of culturing my own yeast for me is that the local shop
where I get my yeast is usually out of the type I want. Now I don't have
to worry (and you know how important it is not to worry) whether they have
the yeast I want when I want it.


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