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From: Martin A. Lodahl <hplabs!pbmoss!mal>
Subject: Too Sweet?
Date: 1990-04-12 19:47:18 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #397, William F. Pemberton observed:

" ... most of the brews I have made have been a touch too sweet
for my liking. Is there a simple recipe change that I can do that will
take care of this? I have used several different yeasts, including

I've had the same sor of problem from time to time. When I used
extracts, I found that some were more fermentable than others. On
one memorable occasion, I used Australian Dark bulk extract in a
porter recipe I'd developed using Scottish Light bulk extract. The
SG drop was much less than expected, and the beer was altogether too
sweet. Another time, I added more extract and crystal malt in an
attempt to increase the "malt flavor", and ended up with something
disgustingly sweet. I tried the same recipe again later but
massively boosted the hopping rate, which appeared to balance out
the impression of excessive sweetness. Since moving into grain
brewing, I've been able to control the fermentability of the wort,
and have had fewer surprises.

By the way, next Saturday will be the "beta test" of the Icewater
Recirculation System (Mark II) I put together after the lively
discussions on that subject a couple of months back. Though several
dissenting voices were heard, the consensus was that a small
drill-powered pump was just the ticket to run icewater through a
wort chiller. My family, however, responded to the din from my
drill with even louder an more persistent din of another sort, so
I've substituted a water recirculation pump from an evaporative
cooler. At $4.16 the price was tough to beat, it's quiet, and
should work fine, if it doesn't fall over into the coolant and cause
all kinds of excitement. Watch this space ...
- Martin
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