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From: hpwala!hp-pcd!cmcl2!harvard!prism.TMC.COM!atj (Alex Jenkins)
Subject: RE: Brewing Notes from Alex.
Date: 1989-01-25 16:15:10 GMT

Sorry, one typo found for this "recipe" in my previous mail:
>(#28) day one: Ale
>2.75 gal. H2O @ 170 deg, 5 lb. Pale Malt, 1 lb. Crystal Malt. 1 tsp. Gypsum
>Initial heat: 155 deg., pH 5.0. Maintained at 120 to 153 deg. 2 hours.
>ending pH 5.2 Sparged, added to the wort with: 4 lb. (minus two cups
>reserved for priming two batches), and 1.3 lb. light brown sugar.
>Extracted 1 qt. for the yeast starter.
>Boiled: 30 min., added 1 oz. Willamette (Fuggles) hops pellets.
> 15 min., 1.5 oz. loose Hallertau hops
> 15 min., 1 T. Irish Moss
> 30 min. more boiling and strained the wort.
>Sparged the hops with boiling water.
>Added 1 oz. Clusters hops pellets for dry-hops to the cooling wort.
>Added wort to the carboy, with yeast starter (Red Star Ale) mixture,
>and 3.5 gal. water. Set with an airlock; s.g. is 1.048.

That's four pounds of light unhopped Dry Malt Extract (DME) minus
two cups. Questions, comments on this or my previous looong message?
Thanks. -- Alex -- atj@mirror.TMC.COM
P.S. the Ale described above, is really smooth, quite bitter.

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