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From: (Paul L. Kelly)
Subject: Briess extracts
Date: 1990-04-17 16:28:28 GMT

I would like to hear from anyone who has used Briess malt extracts. Green
Acres has 58# pails of the stuff for $72; if the extracts are any good, I
would like to buy some. However, I am concerned by the old adage "you get
what you pay for." Does anybody know why it's so inexpensive? Are the extracts
made from all malt, or do they use adjuncts such as corn sugar to keep the
cost down? Unfortunately the bulk size is all that Green Acres sells, or I
would simply buy enough for one batch, and test it out.

Another question regarding bulk extracts: someone recently said that one can
achieve better quality on dark beers by using light extract, and darkening the
wort with specialty grains. What grains (and in what amounts) should I use
to duplicate, say, John Bull unhopped dark with light extract? If I buy the
Breiss, I would like to just buy a pail of the light, and use that for brewing
all my beers, dark and light.

And finally, thanks to all who replied to my request about Mackeson Triple
Stout recipes. I recently finished bottling a stout that I made by following
Papazian's guidelines for a sweet stout (in CJOHB) -- with a few variations.
I used more malt extract than he suggested (a total of about 8.5 lbs), and
at bottling time I primed with a cup of unsulphered molasses. The stuff fer-
mented for about two weeks, and carbonated in less than a week. I think the
amount of molasses used was too much, since if I opened a bottle at the proper
drinking temperature (for me about 50 deg F) it tended to gush. Chilling
helped prevent this type of catastrophe, but then of course I had to wait
(impatiently!) for the brew to warm up to drinking temp. The flavor was very
much like Mackeson's, but not quite as sweet (which is fine by me). Next time
I think I'll add the molasses just before sparging, and prime with something
that has a known sugar content. All in all, a nice recipe; if there's any
interest I'll post it. Alas, I can send no samples, as I have not worried,
relaxed, and drank all five gallons of it :).

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