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Subject: strawberry color in mead
Date: 1990-04-18 00:03:05 GMT

In #400, Paul Kelly says:

>I'm planning to brew a batch of strawberry mead (well, technically melomel)
>soon, and I was wondering how well the red color from the berries will be
>retained in the final product. My wife tells me I drank too much Kool-Aid as

I don't know about mead, but I use strawberries (and cherries and blueberries)
in apple cider (Moost) quite often. Crushing the berries and adding them
during the last five minutes of boil will lend a nice color and flavor to
the brew. I use one pound of fruit per gallon of cider. I don't worry
about boiling the fruit for that long. It doesn't seem to give any bad
flavor to the brew. I let the fruit pulp remain in the ferment during the
primary fermentation and siphon the brew off the fruit upon transfer to the
secondary. Strawberries, cherries, and blueberries all give a pale red
or rose' color to the "punch."
[sometimes I also throw in a little red food coloring for orneriness if
I want a really red brew!]
Florian, who loves Kool-Aid.

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