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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: Re: light extract to get dark beer
Date: 1990-04-18 12:43:29 GMT

Paul L. Kelly asks:
>Another question regarding bulk extracts: someone recently said that one
>achieve better quality on dark beers by using light extract, and darkening
>wort with specialty grains. What grains (and in what amounts) should I
>to duplicate, say, John Bull unhopped dark with light extract?

Recall that all-grain brewers start with malted barley, and then add
speciality grains and other stuff to achieve the beer characteristics that
they desire. As an extract brewer you can duplicate this to some degree by
adapting all-grain recipes. For example, if you want to make a stout start
with a all-grain recipe for stout (that you trust), then subsitute light
malt extract syrup for an equal amount of malted barley. The amounts of
speciality grains should remain the same. Now brew as if you had started
out with an extract recipe (from The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, for

You'll probably have to experiment on a few batches (varying the amount of
extract syrup to subsitute for one pound of malted barley) before you get
optimum results. You'll never achieve as good results as you would by
mashing, but you'll definitely learn more about the characteristics of the
ingredients that you use, which will help you formulate your own recipes.


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