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From: Enders <>
Subject: Bottling, Color Perception, etc.
Date: 1990-04-18 14:15:01 GMT

Well, I bottled my IPA last night (actually I started filling bottles at
about 12:30 AM :-). The final gravity was 1.008 (O.G. 1.043) and the color
is a good bit lighter than I thought it would be. I think it's difficult to
judge the color in the fermenter, as it looked way too dark, even when I
siphoned it into the priming bucket. However, the sample in the hydrometer
jar looked about on target, and when I poured the sample into a glass to
taste, it looked BEAUTIFUL (rich golden color tinged with copper)!!!

So, I was a little hasty judging the color of this batch. However,
since most of the previous batches were porters and stouts, I guess I had no
frame of reference for pale ales (in the fermenter, anyway).

This batch is probably the best I have made to date, and since it was my
first journey into all-grain brewing, it came out better than I might have
anticipated in the beginning. For those who have followed my all-grain epic,
here's the recipe (please try this one at home :-)

All Grain India Pale Ale
(proportions for 2 US gal.)

2.4 # Pale Ale Malt
5 oz. Crystal Malt (80L)
5.5 AAU Flavoring hops (1 oz. of 5.5% alpha Willamette)
0.5 oz Finishing hops (5.5% alpha Willamette)


Mash in: 132 deg. F (140F strike heat)
Mash pH: 5.3 approx. (adjust as necessary with gypsum or carbonate)

Boost temp. to 150 deg. F

Mash time: 2 Hrs.
Mash temp.: 146-152 deg F
Mash out: 5 mins @ 168 deg. F
Sparge: 2.0 gal H2O @ 165 deg. F
Boil time: 90 mins
Hop Schedule: 1 addition, 60 mins from end of boil
Finishing hops added 5 mins before end of boil

Yeast: Wyeast #1028 London Ale
O.G. 1.043
Fermentation temp: 70 deg. F, 6 days in primary, 4 days in secondary
F.G. 1.008

If you haven't tried mashing yet, you really should. You CAN start small
and grow as equipment and funds permit. Also, by starting small, you don't
have a large sum invested in equipment if you decide mashing isn't for you.
Anyone with questions can drop me an e-mail, and I'll be happy to try and
answer them.

Todd Enders ARPA:
Computer Center UUCP: ...!uunet!plains!enders
Minot State University Bitnet: enders@plains
Minot, ND 58701

PS: I neglected to mention that I used 5 qts of water for the mash, and I
also discovered that I neglected to add the finishing hops to this batch, so
there isn't a lot of hop aroma :^) Oh well, next time!!

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