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From: bnr-vpa!bnr-rsc!crick@uunet.UU.NET (Bill Crick)
Subject: Liquid yeast
Date: 1990-04-18 20:59:10 GMT

Some comments on the comments on my liquid yeast

As far as temperature shock, I was careful about this. I moved it
from fridge to beer room to basement to kitchen to top of saucer
covering cooling starter, leaving it 15-20 minutes in each location.

Why so little malt in the starter? This was to promote yeast division
rather than alcohol production. I don't remember the threshold, but
if the suger content is above a few percent, the yeast tend to produce alcohol
rather that reproduce???

I have come to the conclusion, that the stsrter which was just below 100F
was just too hot.

I did notice though that when I opened the pouch, there was a distinct
alcohol smell which suprised me. Evidently, they put a fair amount of
suger in the solution in the pouch?

Brewius Ergo Sum!
Bill Crick

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