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From: <>
Subject: Boy Scout lessons
Date: 1990-04-19 13:12:00 GMT

Greetings Homebrewers --

When I was scraping petrifed wort from my stovetop last weekend I noticed one
patch that wiped clean with minimal effort. I thought I remembered wiping
that spot after the first boil-over with a soapy sponge. Last night before
beginning to mash I wiped down the whole stovetop with a wet sponge that I
had squeezed a couple drops of dishwashing soap onto. I was very pleased to
find, five hours later, that cleaning the stovetop was *MUCH* easier than
usual. It occurs to me that I should have learned this lesson many years
ago. When I was a Boy Scout we soaped the outside of our pots before
cooking with them. The campfire always turned the pots black with soot, but
if they had been soaped the soot would come off easily. Woe to the
Tenderfoot who forgot to soap the pots and had to spend the evening applying
elbow-grease and SOS to those blackened hunks of aluminum.

Adios, Tim Holtsford

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