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From: nolan@lheavx.DNET.NASA.GOV (Tom Nolan)
Subject: blowoffs and light extracts
Date: 1990-04-20 16:03:55 GMT

I have two comments to add to recent discussions:

1. Not having either a 7-gal carboy or a large diameter blowoff tube,
I ferment 4 - 4.5 gallons in a 5-gal carboy. I just fill it to the
shoulders of the bottle. I use a bubbler from the start. I don't brew
from particularly high-gravity wort (1.040 - 1.050) because I don't like
particularly high alcohol. Anyway, the fermentation grows 2-4 inches
high but never reaches the bubbler. I don't use a secondary, just bottle
after 1 or 2 weeks. This method works great for me, but I'm interested
in trying a blowoff to see if I can purify the taste some.

2. I agree with the "light extract only" philosophy. I highly recommend
the "Alexander's Sun Country" pale malt extract. It comes in 4-lb
cans and it's very light and clean. I then proceed to darken it, even to
stout depth, through the addition of various specialty grains and
partial mashes. Does anyone have any experience with the extracts that have
appeared recently in vacuum-sealed plastic bags? It seems like a
good idea from the cost-of-packaging standpoint.

- -- Tom

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