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Subject: Fuller's and diactyl
Date: 1990-04-20 20:39:52 GMT

I have fallen in love with Fuller's ESB and London Pride. I have decided
to try to brew a Fuller's ESB but am having one problem with the recipe:
Fuller's is notorious for its buttery flavor which is produced, i think,
by lingering diactyls from the fermentation.

How does one get diactyls in their brew? In the past I have always taken
steps to eliminate as much diactyl as possible, so actually trying to
get diactyls during fermentation has me stumped.

Does anybody know of a yeast culture (dry or liquid) which produces diactyls
in the final, fermented, product? Should I try to stick the fermentation
at a certain point to "fix" diactyl production? Does anybody know how
Fuller's brew their beers?

Any help would be most helpful

bob tausworthe

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