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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts)
Subject: **WARNING** Don't use Muntona (Munton & Fisson) Ale Yeast
Date: 1990-04-22 04:34:22 GMT

This is a follow-on to my message of a few days ago in which I
described how my last two dry-hopped batches had turned out extremely
cloudy. I was able to narrow the cause down to two possible reasons:

1. The act of dry hopping in the secondary (not very likely)
2. Contaminated yeast

Yesterday, I called Byron Burch (Author of "Brewing Quality Beers",
and proprietor of Great Fermentations, where I had purchased the
Muntona yeast) and indicated my suspicions that the yeast had been
contaminated. He told me that there had been problems with wild yeast
contamination recently in Muntona ale yeast, and that GF was no longer
recommending its use.

He was interesting to speak with, and apologetic about my two lost
batches. We ended up discussing brewing for about half an hour until I
had to go.

So: if you have any Muntona yeast, pitch it!

But not into your wort.

- --Doug
Douglas Roberts |
Los Alamos National Laboratory |I can resist anything
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