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Subject: Re: Large Carboys
Date: 1990-04-23 13:46:12 GMT

> From: Martin A. Lodahl <hplabs!pbmoss!mal>
> ... I've been meaning to ask those of you who use large
> carboys: Where did you get it? I'm talking about a 25-liter acid
> carboy, or a similar container of around 7 gallons, glass or
> plastic. What kind of a place (other than a homebrewer's shop)
> would have such a thing, new or used?

I've owned two (the first was destroyed, along with all the other equipment
and supplies for my first brew setup, several hours after purchase when my
week-old car was totalled by a drunk driver |^(. Needless to say...), both
of which I purchased used at homebrew stores. After losing the first one, I
did check both with the chem dept. here and with a local chemical plant
(Pfizer) to no avail. As I recall the price wasn't all that bad, $20 or $25
apiece. They work very nicely as a primary.

Gregg TeHennepe | Academic Computing Services
gateh@conncoll.bitnet | Connecticut College, New London, CT

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