From the HBD Archive
From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: Large Carboys, Malt Extract in bags
Date: 1990-04-23 14:11:30 GMT

Martin A. Lodahl writes:
> The recent discussion of blowoff fermentation reminded me of
> a question I've been meaning to ask those of you who use large
> carboys: Where did you get it? I'm talking about a 25-liter acid
> carboy, or a similar container of around 7 gallons, glass or
> plastic. What kind of a place (other than a homebrewer's shop)
> would have such a thing, new or used?

I got mine mailorder from Colonel Johns (Boulder, CO) for about $10 I think.

Tom Nolan writes:
> Does anyone have any experience with the extracts that have
> appeared recently in vacuum-sealed plastic bags? It seems like a
> good idea from the cost-of-packaging standpoint.

I've used the bagged extract from American Brewmaster quite a bit. I prefer
its quality to canned -- it's cleaner. It's also cheaper to ship, and a lot
easier to get the last bit of extract out of the bag than the can: just
heat the bag in the microwave to soften the extract, then squeeze like a
toothpaste tube. (next they'll have pump dispensers :-)

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