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Subject: yeasts, metallic tastes, etc
Date: 1990-04-23 20:06:39 GMT

Several comments on the content of #404

Ken Weiss said:

>FlorianB referred to a particular yeast as "throwing a bodacious chill
>haze." I've had chill haze problems too, but always figured it was

If that's what I said, I made a typo. I intended to say that Steinbart's
malt syrups (in the generic tubs) throw a bodacious chill haze. Sorry!

He then asks:

>so, which yeasts are best at minimizing haze?? I've been attacking
>the problem with Irish Moss, with fair to mixed results. Anyone out
>there tried this Polyclar stuff? I'm sort of hesitant to mix plastic into
>my brew, even if it does stay behind with the sludge, but I do like a

Personally, I can't tell that Irish moss does anything at all, except give
me something to do during the last five minutes of kettle boil. See Miller's
book (Chapter called "Haze Wars") on the use of Polyclar and Bentonite.

Then Ivan writes:

> Just got through tasting my first batch of homebrew this week.
> While the overall flavor / smell / color wasn't bad, the beer had a
> distinctly metallic taste. A friend likened this to "cheap beer that

From the equipment you mentioned, I don't see an obvious problem. However,
you mentioned corn sugar. This produces a crisp, dry, cidery taste to
homebrew. Most extract brewers advise doing away with sugar and going to
all extract recipes.

Then Nick zentena says

> Hi,
> I saw a good price on a large canning pot locally. The problem i
> s
> the pot is made from aluminum. Can I still use it has a brew pot?
> Also could someone reccomend a liquid yeast for a high gravity Bock
> (around 1.080-1.090).

No, don't use the aluminum pot as a brew pot. Buy yourself a good stainless
or porcelain-glaze canner. You'll never regret it.

I recommend the Wyeast liquid champagne yeast. But it's a little hard to
come by. I've also used the Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast. It's good.
[By the way, have a look at your CR -> CR,LF option in your terminal emulator
I think something is haywire.]


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