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From: (Brian Smithey)
Subject: How much lactose?
Date: 1990-04-23 20:33:41 GMT

I'm brewing the Fuller's ESB from Dave Line's "Brewing Beers Like
Those You Buy." For those unfamiliar with this book, most of the
recipes call for the addition of saccharin tablets to increase
sweetness in the finished beer. Dave's argument is that homebrew
yeast it typically more attenuative than English commercial brewers'
yeast. This saccharin idea didn't appeal to me at all, so I thought
I'd try lactose instead. Would anybody out there like to suggest how
much lactose would approximate the sweetness of 5 saccharin tablets
(equivalent to 5 tsp. sugar)? I haven't used the stuff before, and
would like to hear what experiences people have had with lactose.
I've only seen a couple of recipes that use it (one was a milk stout),
and the quantities in these recipes seem high to me, in the 5-8 oz range.


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Brian Smithey / SAIC, Geophysics Division / San Diego CA -or- uunet!seismo!esosun!smithey

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