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From: "Gary F. Mason - Image Systems - MKO2-2/K03 - 603884[DTN264]-1503 24-Apr-1990 0743" <>
Subject: Boston's Commonwealth too
Date: 1990-04-24 11:42:33 GMT

I too went to CB for the first time (Russ - did we see each other before game
1?). I actually went twice while the Habs were in town. Anyway...

I tried only the Burton's Best Boston Bitter, the golden ale, and the amber
ale. I found the bitter to be too much so - unlike what I experienced in
England (which is what got me started on this whole homebrew thing in the first
place 8'). I thought the other ales were rather thin, but the amber the better
of the two.

The bitter, by the way, is hopped with Talisman, and finished with Kent
Goldings (I asked). The golden uses Goldings throughout, as I recall.

All in all, a much better choice than the local taverns and their bottled
stuff. Food wasn't bad, but we stuck to burgers, etc.

Q: Does anyone know how consistent they are between batches? I would like to
try the bitter from another batch, hoping for less bittering hops.


P.S. I didn't try the Stanley Cup Strong Ale (at almost twice the price of the
others). The way I figure it, it's probably so strong because it has been
aging since the last cup came to Boston - 20 years ago!

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