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From: (Mark Stevens) <>
Subject: high gravity readings for better brews?
Date: 1990-04-24 11:57:47 GMT

In Homebrew Digest #405, Chip Hitchcock related his experiences with
higher than expected gravity readings.

I've had similar experiences with two of Papazian's betterbrew recipes.
The Dark Sleep Stout came in with an original gravity of well over 1.07
I recently made another batch of Dark Sleep and had a similarly high

About 8 weeks ago I brewed a modified version of Palilia Ale. I brought the
specialty grains up to a boil over about an hour, and used about 1/4 cup
more toasted malt and an extra 1/4 cup of pale malt. I figured that
I would get a slightly higher gravity because I used a little more grain
and brought it up to a boil so slowly that some of the sugars may have
converted (almost an infusion mash?). I was, however, unprepared for
the O.G. reading which came in at about 1.076 when the book said it
would be about 1.048. But the beer tasted great, so who's worrying?

- --Mark Stevens

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