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From: (Alan Duester)
Subject: misc. answers
Date: 1990-04-25 14:00:13 GMT

>From: ileaf!io!peoria!cjh@EDDIE.MIT.EDU (Chip Hitchcock)
> I have been getting OG's substantially (.008-.018) above the figures
>given in the recipes. (This figures were temperature-corrected according to

Have you tried measuring plain water? Maybe your
hydrometer got dropped on its head, and the paper
inside slipped?

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>From: (Brian Smithey)
>I'm brewing the Fuller's ESB from Dave Line's "Brewing Beers Like
>Those You Buy." For those unfamiliar with this book, most of the
>recipes call for the addition of saccharin tablets to increase
>I'd try lactose instead. Would anybody out there like to suggest how
>much lactose would approximate the sweetness of 5 saccharin tablets

I like all of my brew sweet in the background, and
add 1/2 to 1 lb. of crushed Cara-Pils (sometimes
called Dextrine Malt) to all my 5 gallon batches.
I don't know equivalent amounts to give you the
replacement amounts for saccharin. Anybody else?

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>From: Steve Anthony <steveo@Think.COM>
>Subject: Commonwealth Brewery
>In #405, RussG write about the Commonwealth Brewery in Boston. I was there
>a few weeks back while they were preparing a mash. I was rather shocked to
>see about 30-40 lbs of good ole' granulated refined cane sugar being added

Commonwealth has a brew available now in bottles
(at least down here on the Cape). They might have
been adding priming sugar to the batch prior to

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