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From: yerga@cory.Berkeley.EDU (Chris Yerga)
Subject: Idle Fermentation
Date: 1990-04-26 00:22:21 GMT

I brewed up my second batch of homebrew 4 days ago. It's a porter that had
6 or 7 lbs of extract and 1lb of black patent, with a touch of crystal.
OG was around 1.065 after the boil was finished, but I was only able to get
the wort down to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit after 30 minutes. Since it
was 2:30 AM, I crashed and pitched at around 8:30 AM. I used an 11.5g packet
of Edme dry yeast, which I chose over Red Star at the local homebrew hut.

The yeast had covered the surface of the wort by midnight and was bubbling
away at the rate of 3 or 4 bbles per second by the next morning. Fermentation
continued in this manner until the second morning (48 hours after pitching),
when the head on the wort had fallen. I haven't seen a single bubble since,
which seems strange because I tossed about 10oz of the wort into a bottle
fitted with an airlock at the same time that I pitched in the primary. The
bottle is bubbling every several seconds.

Although I am relaxed and am not worrying, I am quickly running out of homebrew
and would like to know if this is abnormal fermentation. I'm running a closed
fermentation in a 5 gallon carboy and havent disturbed it since pitching (that
was the point of having the separate bottle fermentingg - so I could monitor
it and not touch the primary).

Any help or comforting words would be greatly appreciated!

Chris Yerga
The Naked House of Wacky People

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