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From: gotham!ursa!baby!djh@Sun.COM (David Hyder)
Subject: Greetings Homebrewers
Date: 1988-11-16 19:47:03 GMT

Greetings homebrewers!

It is true as jay h points out that traffic has been down of late (the
net too, of course). In my case, I've been slow about hauling the
carboys out of summer storage, and am now kicking myself for having
put things off too long.

This year, I want to make a concerted push towards greatly improved
beer. I have little time this year to brew, and since my grad student
buddies have, for the most part, fled New York, the $$ factor is less
of a concern this year (i.e. I have neither the time, nor the motive,
to make twenty gallon batches of drinkable, if funny tasting, fast
ales in order to save money on my beer bill).

The result is that I (as with so many american manufacturers these
days) am making a flight to *quality* (pretty soon I'm going to be
saying things like "competitiveness" or "good jobs at good wages").
Ergo: Have any of you tried Wyeast liquid yeasts? How much of an
improvement have you noticed (if any)? Does the fact that the yeast
may take 1-7 days to be ready for pitching cramp your style (I can't
really brew on short notice)?

Awaiting any and all responses.

David Hyder

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